Mission & Members

ARTT Mission Statement

To preserve and enhance the Historic Temple Theatre as a cultural and civic center. ARTT will present activities and events for the enrichment and enjoyment of our region.

Board of Directors

The Historic Temple Theatre operates with all volunteers. Our Board of Directors leads the way, and legions of others work behind the scenes.

The board elected officers for 2017:

  • Bill Marohl, President
  • Linda Gilardi, Vice President
  • Jane Brennan, Secretary
  • Joy Vietinghoff, Treasurer

Board members include: Ken Arnetveit, Tom Baker, Mike Bohan, Laraine Buckles, Loann Frie, Judy Gates, Cindy & Buzz Guist, Karen Hankee, Margaret Hansen, Jess Reed, Molly Reese, Pita Daniels, John Reed, Nathan Randall.

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